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Our Story

Boodoo's vision came into existence twenty (20) years ago. Upon building his own house he noticed a common theme in the home ownership industry, that being, a greater need for lower prices for new and first time home owners and an even greater need for convenience and high quality electrical materials. He surmised that first time home owners ranging from varying backgrounds all need places to live but at the same time will now be starting their professional careers and they may not have large amount of money to finance their household construction.This birthed the idea of opening a discount electrical retail store carrying electrical items for home construction at cheaper prices. Since electrical typically used for years without any significant replacement sourcing the highest quality international brands were paramount to providing his goal of affordable electrical. What was the sense of offering products at cheaper prices if you had to compromise on quality and in the long run still have to replace the items over and over. This led to sourcing the world renowned electrical products meeting both US, European and local standards for quality still with the promise of cheaper prices to truly give his customers more opportunity for home ownership.

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